Clarks Grand is thinking about you and caring for you! We have reopened our hospitality for you while you are safe at home, ensuring the safest stay possible. Our employees are extensively trained and implementing all required hygienic precautions by the highest sanitation and hygiene requirements. In these trying times, we maintain your well-being and safety at the forefront as a hotel known for heartfelt hospitality.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Clarks Grand Hotel, a hotel near Gorakhpur railway station, has been keeping a close eye on the latest events. Since its establishment, the hotel has made every effort to ensure that our hotel maintains the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness to protect our guests’ and workers’ health and safety.

We have taken all necessary further precautions in light of the situation, including assessing all possible scenarios at the highest level, as mandated by the World Health Organization and the Government of India’s Ministry of Health.

The whole crew of the Clarks Grand, a hotel near Gorakhpur Railway Station, is educated on the stringent hygiene rules they must adhere to, both for their health and the safety of the visitors.

      • Throughout the hotel, carefully trained workers disinfect common areas such as lobbies, elevators, restrooms, and all employee/guest rooms on a regular and increasing basis.

Antibacterial hand sanitizers have been made more readily available in common areas for both staff and tourists, to maintain the highest standards of hygiene for the food and beverage services supplied in our hotel in gkp, as well as to ensure the health of the kitchen people.

Hotel Clarks Grand Gorakhpur, the best hotel near Gorakhpur Railway Station, will continue to take all precautions recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health to ensure a healthy and safe environment for its employees and tourists. The hotel has also taken efforts to ensure that only healthy personnel is on duty, and their health is monitored while they are on the job. Employees who become unwell will be required to see a doctor as soon as possible.

      • In addition, personnel returning from affected areas are provided a 14-day leave of absence to   

         complete self-quarantine as suggested by the local health authorities.

  1. Tables in the open restaurants and bars of the best hotel near Gorakhpur Railway Station have been rearranged to provide more space and reduce close contact. Temperatures will be taken of all visitors and coworkers.


  1. At Clarks Grand, the hotel in gkp makes it a point that the reception and the public areas, hand sanitizing gel, and other hygiene supplies are available.


  1. Food safety requirements, as well as table service practices, have been upgraded. Menus now include individually plated and packed lunches.


Environmental disinfection is carried out in public places (lobbies, restaurants, elevator control panels, and other public facilities), as well as all entrance mats and workstations by Clarks Grand, hotel in gkp. 

  1. Equipment is cleaned and sanitized regularly in all eateries.


  1. All associates must wear masks while on duty.


  1. Clarks Grand, the hotel in gkp, reinforce associates’ cleanliness practices at all times to maintain adequate personal and environmental hygiene.




The health and safety of visitors and associates in our hotel in gkp are top priority, and guests’ participation is greatly appreciated. To protect safety and health, the hotel advises guests to maintain great hygiene.

The Clarks Grand administration thinks that, as a consequence of the efforts taken and early intervention strategies in place, India will emerge from this tough situation with as little injury as possible. We will be delighted to welcome you to Hotel Clarks Grand, the hotel near Gorakhpur Railway Station, with the same degree of hospitality and care that we have offered to all of our visitors from our inception.