From Golf to Drinks, We Make Your Vacation Full of Enjoyment

Gorakhpur is a city of opportunity and leisure. Gorakhpur’s history is rich in ancient glory and religious spiritualism. It has interesting monuments and temples. When you are staying at Hotel Clarks Grand, the best hotel near railway station, the well-trained staff at the hotel is available to assist you at any time during your stay. In addition, the hotel provides all of the modern amenities required for a comfortable stay in Gorakhpur. This Gorakhpur budget hotel is ideal for visitors to the city on business or pleasure. Our hotel near Gorakhpur railway station is only a few Kilometers away, making flying and transit easy for our guests.

Apart from sightseeing guidance, Clark’s grand can arrange some other entertainment activates for you such as a game of Golf

Talking about Golf, golfers come in all shapes and sizes. It does not differentiate in terms of age or gender. Players can be as young as 2 and as old as 92 “the well-known” Tiger Woods seen on television practicing his golf swing at the age of 2, incidentally. Men, women, girls and boys can all enjoy playing game of golf. Is there any other sport which you can think of where all the generations of a family can play and enjoy it all together at the same time? Golf, therefore, provides an opportunity to enjoy some worthy family bonding time – provided the result goes the right way of course! The game of golf, has also devised a method where all abilities of players can play each other via the handicapping system. It is highly unusual in a sport for a professional player to be able to play an amateur on the same playing field but in golf this can possible.

You can have great fun playing the game and catching up over a few hours with your oldest and dearest friends or you can enjoy a game with people you’ve just met, and generate new contacts. Clarks Grand, the best hotel near railway station, gives you this opportunity when you are staying in Gorakhpur.

One of the great attractions of the game is that it is very easy to meet people either by by simply visiting a course.

Golf courses will often make the effort to pair visiting players with others in an effort to get more people on the course at the same time. Lasting friendships can be started and grow right at the golf course. Few are now of retirement age but they are enjoying the game.

Planning a Golf outing with your business colleagues can also be a great experience for you as it can allow you to enjoy each other’s company and continue the conversation off of the golf course. In the end, this is where you’ll likely go into more detail about certain things make those connections you are looking for.

The relationships that can be formed on a golf course and the information shared can be invaluable to helping you make friends, deepen relationships and get ahead in the business world.

It seems to be difficult to get into a golf course when you are away from the city of which you are a resident. But if you are in Gorakhpur and staying in Clarks Grand, it’s pretty possible. Clarks Grand has a tie up with North Eastern Railway Golf Course, Gorakhpur, which is one of the best golf courses available. This course has Rentals services for kits also. They provide you Pull-carts as well. Practice instruction are also made available on request. With a good Driving Range, this course adds fun to the game. A Caddie is provided to you and also Lockers, Locker Rooms are a mention in the available Facilities.

After a nice still exhausting game of golf and chats or business talks over the course, Clarks Grand is happy to arrange a toast for your enjoyment at The Tonic Bar. Come and join for drinks with your new golf-mates or old friends, and indulge in a wide array of classic and signature cocktails , mocktails and a wide variety of drinks.


Hence, if you are on a business trip to Gorakhpur, and wants to expand your connec-tions in the elite circle, Golf course access through Clarks Grand is a good idea. And if you are on a family trip, then along with the city’s exploration attractions, you and your family can enjoy the game of golf.

Clarks Grand will be at your service to offer from Golf to Drinks, to make your vacation full of enjoyment.