On the Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, lies the city of Gorakhpur. It is on the banks of the Rapti River, bordering Nepal. It is home to several historic temples and other Buddhist sites, and among them stands out the famous Gorakhnath Temple. Gorakhpur is known for the diversity in culture and religion at the same place and for embracing it. Visit the city to enjoy the combination of various viewpoints. The climate is similar to the rest of the state, with hot summer and chilly winters. The best time to visit and enjoy the trip to Gorakhpur is after the monsoon, from October to December and February.

In the 6th century B.C., Gorakhpur was a part of the legendary kingdom of Koshal, one of sixteen mahajanpadas. IKSVAKU, who created the solar dynasty of Kshatriya, was the first known monarch to rule over this region, with his capital at Ayodhya. Here are few excursions you must visit when you are in Gorakhpur.

Gorakhnath Temple

Gorakhpur is named after Gorakhnath, a saint who traveled extensively throughout India and wrote several texts that are included in the Nath Sampradaya canon. The Gorakhnath Math is a temple in the Nath tradition that belongs to the Nath monastic community. Guru Matsyendranath developed the Nath tradition. This math is in a big building in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The temple hosts a variety of cultural and social events and acts as the cultural center.

At the site, the Gorakhnath Mandir shrine was established in his honor. These days, the nighttime musical Light and Sound Show is the main attraction.


Relics of Buddha discovered during excavation at Kapilvastu Stupa, 97 kilometers north of Gorakhpur on state highway-1A, are now being developed into an International Buddhist Pilgrimage Center. Lord Buddha spent 29 years of his childhood here. There is a large stupa where Lord Buddha’s relics were unearthed during excavations.


Kushinagar, located 51 kilometers east of Gorakhpur on National Highway No. 28, is a popular international tourist destination associated with the legend of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. It is one of Lord Buddha’s four sacred sites. In 483 BC, Buddha gave his final lecture before achieving Mahaparinirvana (salvation) and was cremated at Rambhar Stupa. Lord Buddha’s reclining nirvana statue is 6.10 meters long and built of monolith red-sandstone from the 5th century A.D. It depicts the ‘Death-Buddha’ reclining on his right side, his face to the west. It is a revered pilgrimage site since it is the site of Lord Buddha’s death. Kushinagar’s other attractions include the Indo-Japanese Temple, Burmese Temple, Chinese Temple, Thai Temple, Korean, Sri Lankan, Tibetan temples, 15-acre Meditation Park, and Museum.

Mayadevi Pond

Mayadevi Pond, Situated inside the Maya Devi temple complex, is the place where Buddha’s mother used to take bath. It is also believed that the first bath of Siddhartha Gautama also took place here.


Lumbini Museum displays artifacts from Mauryan and Kushana periods. The museum possesses religious manuscripts, metal sculptures, and stamps from all over the world depicting Lumbini. Lumbini International Research Institute (LIRI), located opposite the Lumbini Museum, provides research facilities for the study of Buddhism and religion in general. Lumbini is now being developed as a Buddhist pilgrimage center, where the archaeological remains associated with the birth of t

Gorakhpur is culturally and historically significant. Firaq Gorakhpuri was born there, as was writer Sh. Munshi Premchand and spiritual poet Kabirdas. Linked to Gautam Buddha and Lord Mahavir, as well as Martyr Pt. Ram Prasad Bismil, Bandhu Singh, and others.

In addition to the current Gorakhpur, the ancient Gorakhpur included the districts of Basti, Deoria, Azamgarh, and parts of Nepal Tarai. Gorakhpur Janpad, as the region was known, was a center of Aryan culture and civilization.

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