5 reasons why Clarks Grand is the one-stop wedding destination

Weddings are festive occasions marked by elaborate decorations, color, music, dance, costumes, and rituals in the majority of cases. Indian weddings are jam-packed with lively, multi-day cultural activities. It’s a lot of fun to have a good time and be a part of a wedding. However, putting together a good event is no easy task. From the time you schedule your guest lists to the day of your event, you are engrossed in the smallest of information to ensure that everything runs smoothly. With so many friends, family, and coworkers expected to attend, you’ll want it to go smoothly.

Hotel Clarks Grand has everything you need for a memorable wedding.

  1. Quality Guaranteed

Clarks Grand will not only provide you with a beautiful venue but will also assist you in effectively managing your event. Everywhere we go, we expect high-quality furniture that has been thoroughly checked. Every time a new event takes place at Clarks Grand, the furniture’s quality is put to the test. They ensure that the furniture and equipment provided to their guests are of the highest possible standard.

2. Workflow of Management

Staff at Gorakhpur’s Clarks Grand hotels are well-trained and fast, ensuring that the customer has no problems and that the wedding is flawless. One of the most important aspects to them is quality control. The Clarks Grand’s staff has a wealth of expertise and is well-versed in flawlessly handling an event. The staff at Clarks Grand is swift enough to manage a large crowd which is difficult enough when throwing a party at home.

3. Fast and Simple Catering

The most important aspect of the wedding is the food. There is a lot of food management that needs to be done, from snacks to the main course, desserts, and beverages. In Gorakhpur‘s best hotel, the in-house catering service is capable of preparing any cuisine you need. You can personalize your menu and include whatever delicacies you want to serve your guests. The staff can handle the menu items according to the event’s requirements and the number of guests anticipated.

4. Excellent Customer Service

At our establishment, we provide excellent customer service. The staff will be there to assist you if you are in difficulty or encounter a problem. They’ll be well-dressed and well-mannered. They’ll take care of you so you don’t have to worry about anything during the wedding function.

5. Decorations

You sincerely want to provide your guests with a breath-taking decoration. We have a plethora of themes and decor ideas to help you make your event come to life. Hence Clarks Grand hotel is the best destination.

Types of lighting, color schemes, and buffet arrangements add glitz and grace. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of designs that suit your budget and are appropriate for your occasion.

Multiple Options for your wedding venue at Hotel Clarks Grand Gorakhpur

Hotel Clarks Grand Banquet Details

Hotel Clarks Grand have 4 banquet hall and 2 lawns to choose from:








200 – 250

5773.5 sq. ft

All Kinds of social events & conferences


Terra (Lawn)

250 – 300

14342 sq. ft.

All Kinds of social events


Broadway (Lawn)

450 – 500

17040 sq. ft.

All Kinds of social events



20 – 35

588 sq. ft.

Conferences & small parties



20 – 35

754 sq. ft.

Conferences & small parties



150 – 200

3000 sq. ft.

All Kinds of social events & conferences.


Clarks Grand, Gorakhpur’s best hotel, provides the ideal solution for out-of-town guests by providing rooms for them to stay in during the entire wedding or event. The hotel has a pleasant and secured facility, as well as complete monitoring and surveillance of their grounds. Customers can simply check out the amenities provided by the Clarks Grand banquet halls to see if they meet their needs and book the perfect one for the event. Therefore, Clarks Grand can proudly say that Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated in Clarks Grand!